One handle, two finishes at the same time.

Achieving decorative success in an environment depends on ingenuity, good taste and following trends with intelligence and criteria, adapting them to the preferences and style of each individual.
From Groël we propose the mixture of finishes as a decorative element combining tones, textures and elements in a harmonious way.

Nowadays, innovation and avant-garde are sought after in any area of life, and the decoration of spaces is no exception. To achieve that sophisticated touch in any home environment, a perfect union of materials based on the use of similar tones and finishes is pursued.

To enrich the decoration of any space, the key is to include different textures on walls, floors and decorative elements such as marble and granite together with wood, stone or concrete. From Groël, a leading company in the design and manufacturing of premium handles, we believe that the combination of different materials gives rhythm, volume, dynamism and dimension to the environment, as well as a unique personality to the space thanks to the optical effects generated by the use of these mixtures.


The SOFT handle is a great example of this.

One handle, two finishes at the same time.

This handle is made of stamped brass with an imaginative and smart design, with small details - in this case the rounded profiles - that break with its natural simplicity. The different finish options of this handle make it a unique and audacious model. It combines polished, satin and painted finishes.


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