Kitchens in Black: 4 Decoration Ideas to Join the Trend


It's present in materials, furniture, or simply in accessories, and in any of these cases, it brings boldness and trendiness, adaptable to different styles, both urban and rustic.

The Presence of Wood with Black

If you want a warm and cozy atmosphere, wood is a great ally. Light wood results in a more informal and, of course, brighter feel; the contrast is very pleasant. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more enveloping and intimate ambiance, opt for dark wood to enhance the depth of black. In this context, the Chérie door handle becomes a distinctive element. Crafted from ebony and pure brass, it combines the richness of dark wood with the elegance of black, creating an enveloping effect that adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to any door or piece of furniture. The Chérie handle is the perfect choice for those looking to blend the beauty of wood with the depth of black in their interior spaces.


Black, White, and Golden Details

Another winning combination is black with marble, whether in white or black. A good marble countertop in a black kitchen will bring even more design and elegance. The trend of gold or copper in decoration is perfect for a black kitchen. You can apply it to faucets, sliding door handles, pulls, and some kitchen utensils. For example, the Ibiza collection, composed of handles, T-shaped handles, or knobs for furniture.


Open Kitchen with Brown Tones

Although we have already mentioned the decorative power of wood with black, different brown tones are very versatile in a black-clad kitchen. Leather chairs or a darker-toned table can give the kitchen a different touch. Groël offers hardware options that enrich this environment. The Sokol handle in a matte bronze finish brings timeless elegance to cabinets, while the Espuch handle in unlacquered brass ages gracefully over time, adding authenticity. On the other hand, the Palline handle in brown blends with the brown tones, creating a cozy and stylish space in your black kitchen. These Groël hardware options allow you to personalize the kitchen with a wide range of brown shades, adding depth to the design.


With a Touch of Steel

The combination of steel with black is as impactful as it is appreciated, as steel brings luminosity and lightness to the space. In this context, Groël stands out for offering a wide variety of handles and pull handles in polished or satin chrome finishes. These options allow designers and homeowners to find the perfect balance between the elegance of black and the luminosity of steel, creating a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere in any room. With Groël's range of hardware, it's possible to personalize every detail to achieve a unique harmony in interior design.



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