What should I consider when buying your products?

The first thing you should do is make sure you check the details and technical measurements to ensure that a correct installation will be possible. If you are buying handles and escutcheons or privacy turn and release, make sure that the minimum distance between the centre of both products is greater than 50mm (diameter of our trims). To do this, previously measure the distance between centres of the holes in your door where the products would be installed. If you have any questions please contact us and we will help you to make the right choice.


For what door widths are Groël's lever handles suitable?

For all widths. Our standard shipping dimension is 40mm. If your door is a different width to our standard, don't worry, just let us know and we will send you the appropriate spindle for your door.


Why is it important to know the width of my doors?

The spindle is a piece of metal with a square cross-section, which passes through the latch or lock located inside the door. It is important to know the width of your door because this piece is responsible for connecting the handles on each side of the door. When the handle is operated, it rotates the spindle which enables the door to be opened/closed.


I only need one handle (half a set) on one side of the door, is it possible?

Yes, however you will need to purchase the whole set, as handles are not sold separately. To install just one handle on the door, you have to use a special single-sided spindle. You can purchase this item on our website.


I have bought Groël door handles and when I install one - just on one side of the door, and try to open the door, I am unsuccessful and I end up pulling the handle out of the door.

This happens because you have not installed the handle correctly, you need a single-sided spindle if you only want to place half a set. This single-sided spindle can be purchased on our website.


My door is made of glass, can I buy Groël handles?

Yes, but you must specify it in the comment section found in your cart (or by email contact@groel.es) so that we can add the necessary accessories for the installation of the handles or knobs. Please note, it is always advisable to contact us to analyse each individual situation.


Can pull handles be installed opposite to each other on a door?

Yes, of course. Pulls are sold individually but they come prepared with the necessary accessories to install one in front of the other if you purchase 2 units.


I have bought a set of handles and an escutcheon to install on a door but I can't because it doesn't fit, the trims of both products are bumping against each other.

This is because you haven't adapted the holes in the door adequately to the diameter of the trims. They are probably smaller than 50 mm (diameter of the trims). You should check the dimensions of your latch before purchasing and see if they are compatible with our door handles and escutcheons.


I have installed the handles with the plastic piece in it, but it makes the handle stick out of the door.

The plastic piece is only used during the installation process to align the handle with the lock/latch. Once the handle is centred, this piece is discarded.


I have received the products and realised afterwards that I cannot install them on my door.

You can return or exchange any item by completing the Refund Form within 14 days from the date of delivery of the order. Please note, that once in our facilities we will proceed to check and confirm that they have not been installed or damaged and that you have followed the return instructions correctly so that the products are not damaged during the refund. Once checked and confirmed that everything is correct, the money will be refunded by the same method of payment within a period of 5 days.


How should I clean the products?

To clean our products you should only use a damp cloth. Make sure you do not apply any product that may be corrosive so as not to damage them.


What is the hole in the neck of the handle used for?

This hole is used to place the set screw through the handle so that the handle is perfectly fixed to the spindle. Make sure that the spindle is well oriented so the screws can be installed correctly.


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